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Dental Implants

Your happy and healthy smile is our priority, so if you have failing or missing teeth, have issues with eating, or are uncomfortable with your smile, Dental Implants may be for you.

Dental Implants are the gold standard for renewing a smile, allowing us to give you lifelike replacements for single or multiple teeth. They are a long-term cost effective treatment, and, if required, are central to regaining the quality of life that you may have been lacking from poor or missing teeth. The treatment is state of the art, and you’ll be able to be involved in everything, from the shape of the tooth down to the colouring. 

We are also delighted to offer full oral reconstruction, otherwise known as 'all-on-four', 'teeth in a day' or 'full arch dental implants', which offer complete alternatives to large numbers of failing teeth or those with partial or full dentures.

So if you are a candidate for dental implants, give us a call today, book a consultation with our dental team, and take your first step towards a happy and healthy smile.


What is a full arch dental implant?

The full arch dental implant procedure, or all on 4 process as its sometimes known, utilises the hard bone present at the front of the upper and lower jaw. The procedure involves placing 4 titanium implants in this region to support a fixed bridge, and most amazingly, after the first consultation, the main procedure is carried out in just one day- thats why some dentists like to call this treatment teeth in a day! 

The full oral reconstruction procedure is designed to minimise pain and is carried out with a combination of local anaesthesia and sedation. Many patients are surprised at how little pain there is and how quickly they recover, and its not uncommon for patients to return to work the following day. Should you consider all on four, or full oral reconstruction to restore a happy, healthy and confident smile, we hope this has helped and look forward to seeing you soon. 

Who is suitable for full arch dental implants?

Those with large numbers of failing teeth, or those with partial or full dentures who want to move onto a more permanent solution are suitable for this type of treatment. it involves the removal of all remaining teeth and a fixed implant system in the mouth, offering a permanent, effective and aesthetic alternative to dentures or missing teeth.

Isn't it easier to just get a denture?

With full oral reconstruction, there is no need for cumbersome adhesive application and removal as is the case with dentures. There is also minimal coverage of the palate, which improves your ability to taste and can reduce functionality issues that some denture wearers suffer from. Full arch dental implants are a permanent, aesthetic and effective method of restoring a natural smile and for many patients, are a far more satisfying and life enhancing solution.

I don't need a full arch implant, can I get a single implant?

Of course! Each mouth is different, and therefore each treatment plan too. Speak with our treatment coordinator followign a full examination to determine whether you need multiple single implants or are a candidate for full arch implants.

How long will the treatment take?

There may be up to six visits, and the total time taken for implants to complete can take 6 months, however the actual surgery is carried out in one day.

Does implant treatment hurt?

We have sedation on site to ensure that whatever you're requirements, we can do our best to exceed them. All treatment of this nature is carried out under local anaesthetic, and we have an experienced and caring team here at Ivy to be with you every step of the way. The treatment itself doesn't hurt due to the anaesthetic, however, naturally with these types of procedures, there will be slight discomfort for a short period of time after.

Patient Stories

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Here are some of our patients who have regained healthy, happy smiles with Dental Implants at Ivy. Click on their profiles to find out more.


Please see our prices below for Dental Implants. Affordable finance is available on all treament, and an initial consultation with Dr Chris Chisolm is £20. Please discuss with our treatment coordinator for more information.

Treatment Cost
Single From £1,950
Full Arch From £12,995
CT Scan £200


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