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At Ivy Dental we understand dental phobia.  As many as 1 in 4 patients dread a visit to the dentist.

This can be due to the memories of traumatic experiences as a child; even the smell of the dental environment can cause fear and anxiety. These fears can result in not seeing a dentist for years.

Dental intravenous sedation (I.V sedation) is an option. Dental sedation can help overcome this fear and make it a more pleasant experience in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment.

Dr Nadia Sheikh has 7 years of experience in alleviating dental anxiety with the use of I.V sedation. It is similar to other anti anxiety medications and is highly effective and predictable.

It relaxes you deeply, making you less aware of treatment being carried out whilst still being awake, ensuring you are comfortable whilst we improve your oral health and give you the smile you want. 


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